Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cool Historical Event Venues Around the World: Take Two

A couple of years ago I first posted a video about unique event venues around the world. This is the updated version with several additions. Most of these are historical venues that were used for some of the most spectacular special events the world has ever seen. Examples include Roman Triumphs through the Forum in ancient Rome, Mayan sacrifices on the temples at Copan, the Opet Festival in Luxor, Egypt during the New Kingdom period 1500 years ago, amazing shows at various Greek and Roman theaters throughout the Mediterranean, and much more.

This is only the start. There are literally hundreds more all over the world. 

Quite a few of the venues are still in use today for special events. You will notice staging, lighting, and audio systems set up in a number of locations. These are all my own photos with only two exceptions. Hope you enjoy.

Feel free to ask me questions about any of these venues and what went on in them.

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